The List So Far

1105 songs and counting

1A Balladeer – Sirens2006
2A Blaze Of Feather – Dust in the Wind2017
3AA Williams – All I Asked for (Was to End It All)2020
4AA Williams – Evaporate2022
5Adam Green – Broken Joystick2003
6Adele – Cold Shoulder2008
7Adele – I’ll Be Waiting2011
8Adele – Remedy2015
9Adele – Turning Tables2011
10Agnes Obel –  Dorian2013
11Agnes Obel – Avenue2010
12Agnes Obel – Familiar2016
13Aguilera Lil’Kim Mya & Pink – Lady Marmalade2001
14Aimee Mann – 31 Today2008
15Aimee Mann – Disappeared2012
16Aimee Mann – I See You2021
17Aimee Mann – Knock it off2017
18Aimee Mann – Susan2001
19Aimee Mann – Today’s The Day2002
20Air – All I Need1998
21Airbag – A Day At The Beach (Part 1) & (Part 2)2020
22Airship – Algebra2011
23Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color2015
24Alain Clarke – Rain Will Fall2007
25Alamo Race Track – Black Cat John Brown2006
26Alberta Cross – Beneath my love2015
27Alberta Cross – I Believe In Everything2012
28Alberta Cross – The Thief & the Heartbreaker2009
29Aldous Harding – Tick Tock2022
30Alela Diane – About Farewell2013
31Alicia Keys – Dragon Days2003
32Alicia Keys – Fallin2001
33Alicia Keys – Holy War 2016
34Alison Krauss – Down To The River To Pray2009
35Alison Krauss – River in the Rain2017
36Alison Krauss And Union Station – Miles To Go2011
37Allen Stone – American Privilege2015
38Allen Stone – Hold it Down2019
39Allen Stone – Unaware2013
40Allison Moorer – Back of My Mind2015
41Allison Moorer – The Rock and the Hill2019
42Allison Russell – Little Rebirth2021
43Alt-J – Something Good2012
44Amanda Shires- Don’t Be Alarmed2022
45Amber Arcades – Something’s Gonna Take Your Love Away2018
46American Aquarium – Me + Mine (Lamentations) 2020
47Amos Lee –  Lowdown Life2013
48Amos Lee – Careless2006
49Amos Lee – Dreamland2022
50Amos Lee – Keep It Loose Keep It Tight2005
51Amos Lee – Kid2008
52Amos Lee – Out Of The Cold (featuring Pieta Brown)2011
53Amp Fiddler – Faith2006
54Amy Speace – How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat2013
55Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own2007
56Ana Egge –  Rise Above2019
57Anastacia – Not That Kind2000
58Anderson Paak –  Parking Lot 2016
59Andres Combs – Drivel to a Dream2022
60Andrew Bird –  Capsized 2016
61Andrew Bird – Don’t Be Scared2014
62Andrew Bird – Natural Disaster2009
63Andrew Bird – Plasticities2007
64Andrew Combs – Better Way2017
65Andrew Combs- Stars of Longing2019
66Andy Bell – It Gets Easier2022
67Andy Burrows – Hearts And Minds2014
68Andy Burrows – Keep On Moving On2012
69Andy Shauf – Living Room2020
70Ane Brun – A Temporary Dive2005
71Ane Brun – Lifeline2011
72Ane Brun – Still Waters2015
73Angel Olsen – All The Good Times2022
74Angus & Julia Stone – Main Street 2014
75Angus Stone – Wooden Chair2012
76Anna Calvi – No More Words2011
77Anna Tivel – Shadowlands2019
78Anne Soldaat – Pray For Delay2009
79Anne Soldaat – The Bad Town2021
80Answer, The – Walkin  Mat2009
81Aoife O’Donovan – Sister Starling2022
82Arcade Fire – End of the Empire I-III2022
83Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running2007
84Arlington & Cameron – Le Flic Et La Fille2000
85Athlete – Tourist2005
86Atoms For Peace – Stuck Together Pieces2013
87Audioslave – Shape Of Things To Come2006
88Badly Drawn Boy – Born Again2002
89Badly Drawn Boy – Without A Kiss2006
90Balthazar – Last Call2015
91Balthazar – Moment2021
92Balthazar – Wire2010
93Balthazar – Wrong Faces2019
94Band Of Horses – Aftermath2022
95Band Of Horses – Slow Cruel Hands Of Time2012
96Band Of Horses – Solemn Oath2016
97BB King & Eric Clapton – I Wanna Be2000
98Beach Boys – Good Vibrations1966
99Bears Den –  Roses on a Breeze 2016
100Bears Den – Crow2019
101Beau -Leave Me Be 2016
102Beck –  Say Goodbye 2014
103Ben Harper – Touch From Your Lust2003
104Ben Harper & The Blind Boys From Alabama – Well Well Well2004
105Ben Howard – Only Love2011
106Ben Howard – She Treats Me Well 2014
107Ben Howard – Sorry Kid2021
108Ben Howard – The Defeat2018
109Ben l’Oncle Soul – Elle Me Dit2010
110Ben Watt – Fever Dream 2016
111Ben Watt – Summer Ghosts2020
112Bertolf – Burning Bushes2012
113Bertolf – Cut Me Loose2010
114Bertolf – Help Me Stand2015
115Bertolf – The Way I Love You Now2009
116Bertolf – Waiting in the Wings2021
117Beth Hart – Happiness…Any Day Now2010
118Beth Orton – Fractals2022
119Biffy Clyro – North of No South2020
120Biffy Clyro – Sounds Like Balloons2013
121Big Big Train – As the Crow Flies2017
122Big Red Machine -Lyla2018
123Big Thief – Certainty2022
124Bilal – When Will You Call2001
125Bill Calahan – Bowevil2022
126Bill Withers – Use Me1972
127Billie Eilish – No Time To Die2020
128Billie Eilish – Your Power2021
129Birds Of Chicago – Color Of Love 2016
130Black Country Communion – Common Man2012
131Black Country Communion – The Battle For Hadrian’s Wall2011
132Black Country Communion -Beggarman2010
133Black Country New Road – Athens, France2021
134Black Mountain – The Way To Gone2010
135Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Ain’t No Easy Way2005
136Blackberry Smoke – All Rise Again (feat. Warren Haynes)2021
137Blackberry Smoke – Woman In The Moon 2016
138Blake Mills – If I am Unworthy 2014
139Blake Mills – Money Is The One True God2020
140Blaudzun – Elephants2012
141Blaudzun – Wingbeat 2014
142Bloc Party – Kreuzberg2007
143Blu Cantrell – Unhappy2003
144Blur – Brothers and Sisters2003
145Bob Mould – Black Confetti 2016
146Bonny Light Horseman – Magpie’s Nest2020
147Bonny Light Horseman – Sweetbread2022
148Boris – Stupid Things2006
149Bottle Rockets – Nothin But A Driver2009
150Brand New – At The Bottom2009
151Brand New – Degausser2007
152Brendan Benson – Borrow2009
153Brendan_Benson – Diamond 2014
154Brent Cobb – South of Atlanta2016
155Brian Fallon – Steve Mcqueen2016
156Bright eyes – Middleman2007
157Brittany Howard – 13th Century Metal 2019
158Broken Bells – October2010
159Bruce Springsteen – Magic2007
160Caitlin Canty – Who2018
161Calexico – Drenched2000
162Calexico – Quattro2003
163Camelia Jordana – Non Non Non (Ecouter Barbara)2010
164Car Seat Headrest – Life Worth Missing 2020
165Car Seat Headrest – My Boy (Twin Fantasy)2018
166Cari Cari – Bubu Fire2022
167Caroline Spence – Mint Condition2019
168Case Mayfield – Schizophrenia2012
169Cassandra Jenkins – Hailey2021
170Chaim- Honey And I2013
171Charlie Winston – Kick The Bucket2009
172Charlie Worsham – Southern By the Grace of God2017
173Chickenfoot – Runnin’ Out2009
174Chris Robinson – Ain’t It Hard But Fair 2016
175Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Behold The Seer2017
176Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Burn Slow2014
177Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Dog Eat Sun2017
178Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Rosalee2012
179Christina Vane – Badlands2021
180Chuck Prophet – If I Was a Baby 2014
181Chuck Prophet – Nixonland2020
182Chuck Prophet- Small Town2007
183Coldplay – 422008
184Coldplay – God Put A Smile On Your Face2002
185Courtney Barnett – Depreston2015
186Courtney Marie Andrews – Border2018
187Courtney Marie Andrews – Put the Fire Out2017
188Courtney Marie Andrews – These Are The Good Old Days 2022
189Cowboy Junkies – Grace Descends2020
190Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q1968
191Crosby and Nash – On The Other Side Of Town2004
192Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Carry On1970
193Crowded House – A Sigh2007
194Crowded House – Show Me The Way2021
195Crystal Fighters – Plage2011
196Curtis Harding – Go As You Are2017
197Curtis Harding – Keep on Shining 2014
198Curtis Harding – The One2021
199Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky 2013
200Damien Jurado – Lon Bella 2016
201Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy 2014
202Damien Rice – Colour Me In2014
203Damien Rice – Dogs2006
204Damien Rice – The Blowers Daughter2003
205D’Angelo – Spanish Joint2000
206Daniel Lanois – Please Don’t Try2021
207Daniel Lohues – Ik Haal Mij ‘n Hond Op2013
208Daniel Lohues – Mistig Kaold En Stille2010
209Daniel Romano – Two Word Joe2015
210Danko Jones – I Love Living In The City2003
211Darryl Ann – Equally Sympathy2002
212Daughter –  Still2013
213Dave Matthews Band – 41 1996
214Dave Matthews Band – Can’t Stop2018
215Dave Matthews Band – If I Had It All2001
216Dave Matthews Band – Mercy2012
217Dave Matthews Band – Squirm2009
218Dave Matthews Band – Virginia In The Rain2018
219Davendra Benhart – Kantori Ongaku2019
220David Bowie –  (You Will) Set the World On Fire 2013
221David Bowie & Massive Attack – Nature Boy2001
222David Crosby – Drive out to the desert 2016
223David Crosby – For Free (feat. Sarah Jarosz)2021
224David Crosby – Sell Me A Diamond2017
225David Crosby – The Clearing 2014
226David Crosby – Vagrants of Venice2019
227David Gray – Babylon2000
228David Gray – Kangaroo2002
229David Keenan – Love in a Snug2020
230David Rawlings – Airplane2017
231David Sylvian – When Poets Dreamed of Angels1988
232Dazzled Kid – Yes No Maybe2011
233De Staat –  Habibi2009
234De Staat – Make The Call, Leave It All2016
235De Vliegende Panters – Harde Stukjes Poep2000
236dEUS – Dark Sets In2011
237dEUS – Oh Your God2008
238dEUS – Start Stop Nature2005
239dEUS – The Magic Hour(1992-2000)
240dEUS – The Soft Fall2012
241Devendra Banhart – Cripple Crow2007
242Devendra Banhart – Daniel 2013
243DeWolff – Crumbling Heart2012
244DeWolff – Let it Fly2020
245DeWolff – Love is such a waste2020
246DeWolff – Lucid 2016
247DeWolff – Once in a Blue Moon2018
248DeWolff – What’s the Measure of a Man 2016
249Dickey Betts Band – Rock Bottom2009
250Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – Amelia – Part 1 – Nothing They Do They Do For You / Part 2 – The Path Of Least Existence / Part 3 – Lights Out / Part 4 – All Saints Are Sinners / Part 5 – Alter Echo2020
251Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – Brainless 2016
252Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – Say It to Me Anyway2016
253Donny Doon – Saw a Light2018
254Dotan – 7 Layers 2014
255Douwe Bob – I Smoke And I Drink 2013
256Douwe Bob – Out On The Road2018
257Douwe Bob – Ready Or Not2021
258Douwe Bob – Sugar2015
259Doves – The Outsiders2009
260Drive By Truckers – Marias Awful Disclosures2022
261Drive-By Truckers – Guns of Umpqua2016
262Drive-By Truckers – Slow Ride Argument 2020
263Drive-By Truckers – Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife2009
264Drive-By Truckers – When He’s Gone 2014
265Drive-By Truckers – Where’s Eddie2011
266Drive-By-Truckers – Babies in cages2020
267Duffy – Mercy2008
268Duncan Laurence – Arcade2019
269Dylan Leblanc – Look how far we’ve come 2016
270Eels – I Got Hurt/020. Chris Stapleton – Old Friends2020
271Eels – On The Ropes 2013
272Eels – Restraining Order Blues2003
273Eels – Today Is The Day2018
274Eels – Whatever Happened to Soy Bomb2005
275Eilen Jewell – Beat The Drum2019
276Eilen Jewell – Down The Road2015
277Elbow – Dexter & Sinister2019
278Elbow – High Ideals2011
279Elbow – Honey Sun2014
280Elbow – Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl2011
281Elbow – Magnificent (She Says)2017
282Elbow – Mirrorball2008
283Elbow – Snooks Progress Report 2003
284Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid2021
285Elbow – The Stops2005
286Elbow – Trust the Sun2017
287Elbow – Weather To Fly2008
288Elbow – White Noise White Heat2019
289Eleni Mandell – Be Together2019
290Eliza Doolittle – Nobody2010
291Elliot Smith – Angel In The Snow2007
292ELO – Eldorado1974
293Emelie Sande – Lonely 2016
294Emmett Tinley- Marvellous Day2012
295Erikah Badu – & On2001
296Erikah Badu – In Love2001
297Esther Rose – Good Time2021
298Ethel Cain – Western Nights2022
299Fanfare Ciocarlia – Mariana2009
300Fat Boy Slim – Weapon Of Choice2001
301Father John Misty – The Ideal Husband2015
302Feist – The Water2009
303Feist -The Bad In Each Other2011
304Fink – Shakespeare 2014
305Fink – Who Says2011
306Fiona Apple – Fetch the Bolt Cutters2020
307First Aid Kit –  Waitress Song 2014
308First Aid Kit – Blue2012
309First Aid Kit – To Live a Life2018
310First Aid Kit – Wild Horses II2022
311Fleet Foxes – Quiet Houses2008
312Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well Part I 1969
313Flo Morrissey and Matthew E. White – Looking For You2017
314Florence & The Machine – Heartlines (Acoustic)2011
315Flying Colors – Blue Ocean2012
316Flying Colors – One Love Forever 2014
317Fontaines D.C. – Roman Holiday2022
318Fontaines DC – Big2019
319Foo Fighters – Come Alive2007
320Foo Fighters – Making A Fire 2021
321Foo Fighters – Rope2011
322Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing 2014
323Foster The People – Houdini2011
324Frank Zappa – Dancin’ Fool1979
325Frankie Lee – Honest Man2015
326Frazey Ford – Runnin2015
327Gabriel Rios – Broad Daylight2005
328Gabrielle Cilmi – Cigarettes and Lies2008
329Gary Clark Jr. – Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow2019
330Gary Clark Jr. – Stay2015
331Gary Clark Jr. – When My Train Pulls In2013
332Gaslight Anthem, The – Old White Lincoln2009
333Gavin DeGraw – I Don’t Wanna Be2005
334Gavin Degraw – Medicate The Kids2008
335Genesis – The Cinema Show1973
336George Ezra – Did You Hear The Rain 2014
337Giant Sand – Hurtin’ Habit2015
338Gillian Welch – The Way It Will Be2011
339Giovanca –  How Does It Feel2013
340Giovanca – Simply Mad2010
341Girl In Red – Serotonin2021
342Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’Univers2021
343Glen Hansard – Roll On Slow2018
344Glen Hansard – What Are We Gonna Do2012
345Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces2006
346Goat Girls – Sad Cowboy2021
347Gomez – Detroit Swing 662002
348Gomez – Little Pieces2009
349Gomez – These 3 Sins2004
350Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control2009
351Gotye – In Your Light2011
352Grace Cummings – Two Little Birds2022
353Grace Potter-Everyday Love2019
354Grant-Lee Phillips – Yellow Weeds2016
355Great Lake Swimmers – Rivers Edge2009
356Gregg Allman – My Only True Friend2017
357Gregory Page – Right or Wrong2014
358Gregory Porter – Water Under Bridges 2013
359Greta Van Fleet – Age of Machine2021
360Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds2015
361Gretchen Peters – The Matador2012
362Gretchen Peters – Wish I Was 2020
363Grizzly Bear –  Two Weeks2009
364Grizzly Bear – Speak In Rounds2012
365Groove Armada – Hands of Time2003
366Guy Garvey – Harder Edges 2015
367Hannah White and The Nordic Connections – Gotta Work Harder2020
368Harry Styles – Daylight2022
369Hayes Carll – Wild Pointy Finger2020
370Hellen Sjoholm – Gabriellas Sang2009
371Hem – Tourniquet2013
372Herbert Groenemeier – Mensch2009
373Hollis Brown – Down On Your Luck 2013
374Hozier – To Noise Making (Sing)2019
375I Am Kloot – Fingerprints2010
376I Am Kloot – Morning Rain2001
377I Am Kloot-  These Days Are Mine 2013
378I Am With Her – Game To Lose2018
379Incognito – Blue I’m Still2003
380Incubus – 11 am2001
381Incubus – Isadore2011
382Incubus – Paper Shoes2006
383India Arie – Get It Together2002
384India Arie – Intro- Loving2006
385India Arie – Summer2006
386India Arie – Video2001
387India Arie – Wonderfull2001
388Indigo Girls – Blood and Fire1991
389Iron & Wine – Low Light Buddy Of Mine2013
390Iron & Wine – Monkeys Uptown2011
391Isaac Gracie – That Was Then2018
392Isobel Campbell – Ant Life2020
393Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Snake Song2010
394Israel Nash – Down In The Country2021
395Israel Nash – Strangers2015
396Israel Nash Gripka – Antebellum2011
397Israel Nash Gripka – Who In Ttime2013
398Ivar – Lost In Your Eyes2001
399Ivar – Winter2001
400Ivar – Wonder2001
401Jack Garratt – Get in my Way2020
402Jack Garratt – Worry2016
403Jack Johnson – Belle2005
404Jack Johnson – If I Had Eyes2008
405Jack Johnson – Staple It Together2005
406Jack White – Alone In My Home2014
407Jack White – Blunderbuss2012
408Jack White – Ice Station Zebra2018
409Jack White – Morning, Noon And Night2022
410Jade Bird – I’m Getting Lost2021
411James Elkington – Carousel2020
412James Elkington – Ever-Roving Eye2020
413James Morrisson – Call The Police2006
414James Vincent McMorrow – Glacier 2014
415James Vincent Mcmorrow- We Don’t Eat2012
416Jamestown Revival – Moving Man2022
417Jamie Cullum – Everlasting Love2004
418Jamie Cullum – I’m All Over It2009
419Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit More2005
420Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good2008
421Jamie McDell – Under The Bonnet2019
422Jamiroquai – Hurtin2010
423Janelle Monae – Victory 2013
424Janelle Monae -Make Me Feel2018
425Jaso Lisbell – Elephant2013
426Jason Isbell – Children of Children2015
427Jason Isbell and the 400  Unit – If We Were Vampires2017
428Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Cumberland  Gap2017
429Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – Overseas2020
430Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – St. Peter’s Autograph2020
431Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up2012
432Jason Mraz – Love For A Child2008
433Jayhawks – Stand Out In the Rain2011
434Jeangu Macrooy – Fire Raging2017
435Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You(1992-2000)
436Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin1995
437Jeff Lynn’s ELO – Love & Rain2015
438Jeff Tweedy  – Natural Disaster2020
439Jeff Tweedy – Muzzle of Bees2018
440Jeff Tweedy – The Red Brick2019
441Jeff Tweedy – World Away2014
442Jensen Mcrae – White Boy2022
443Jesca Hoop – Bed Across The Sea2010
444Jess Jocoy – Existential Crossroads2020
445Jesse Malin – Dance With The System2021
446Jesse Malin – Dead On (feat._Lucinda Williams)2019
447Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler – We’ve Run_The Distance2022
448Jewel – Plain Jane2015
449Jimmy Eat World – Drugs Or Me2004
450Joan As Police Woman – Damned Devotion2018
451Joan As Police Woman – Good Together 2014
452Joan As Police Woman – Holiday2008
453Joan As Police Woman – Lifes  What You Make It2020
454Joan As Police Woman – The Magic2011
455Joan Shelley – Coming Down For You2019
456Joan Shelley – The Spur2022
457Joanna Newsom – Same Old Man 2015
458Joe Henry – All Blues Hail Mary2009
459Joe Henry – Every Sorrow 2014
460Joe Henry – Green of The Afternoon2019
461Joe Henry – Hungry2018
462Joe Jackson – Another World1982
463Joe Jackson – Big Black Cloud2019
464Joe Jackson – Invisible Man2008
465Joe Jackson – Neon Rain2015
466Johan – Anyone got a clue2018
467Johan – Day is Done2001
468Johan – In The Park2009
469John Cougar Mellencamp – John Cockers2008
470John Fogerty – Wicked Old Witch2004
471John Legend – Another Again2006
472John Legend – Ordinary People2005
473John Legend & The Roots – Compared to What2010
474John Martyn – Johnny Too Bad1983
475John Mayer –  Waitin’ on the Day2013
476John Mayer – Daughters2009
477John Mayer – Do You Know Me2009
478John Mayer – In Repair2006
479John Mayer – The Age Of Worry2012
480John Mellencamp – Wasted Days2022
481John Mellencamp & Carlene Carter – All Night Talk Radio2017
482John Moreland – Generational Dust2022
483John Moreland – Terrestrial2020
484John Paul White – The Long Way Home2019
485Jon & Vangelis – Curious Electric1980
486Jon Allen –  Hummingbird Blues 2014
487Jon Allen – Better Day2018
488Jon Allen – Happy Now2010
489Jon Allen – No One Gets Out Of Here Alive2011
490Jon Batiste – Cry2021
491Jonathan Jeremiah – Forever Shall Be Ours2012
492Jonathan Jeremiah – If You Only2011
493Jonathan Jeremiah – You make Me Feel This Way2022
494Jonathan Jeremiah -The Stars Are Out2018
495Jonathan Wilson – Cecil Taylor2013
496Jonathan Wilson – Sunset Blvd2018
497Jonathan Wilson -Riding The Blinds2020
498Jose Gonzales – Heartbeats2006
499Jose Gonzalez – Down The Line2007
500Joseph – Good Luck, Kid2020
501Josh Ritter – One More Mouth2006
502Josh Rouse and The Long Vacations – Disguise2012
503Josienne Clarke – Dark Cloud2019
504Joss Stone – Sideway Shuffle2012
505Joss Stone – This Ain’t Love2015
506Joy Williams – All I Need2019
507Joy Williams – Canary2019
508JS Ondara – Lebanon2019
509Judy Blank – Mary Jane2018
510Julia Jacklin – Less of a Stranger2022
511Julie Byrne – Morning Dove2017
512Julien Baker – Crying Wolf2021
513Justin Timberlake – Livin’ Off the Land2018
514Kacey Musgraves – Good Wife2021
515Kacey Musgraves – Slow Burn2018
516Kaiser Chiefs – Can’t Say What I Mean2008
517Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God2005
518Kaiser Chiefs – The Angry Mob2007
519Kalie Shorr – The One2020
520Kashmir – Peace In The Heart2013
521Kashmir – She’s Made Of Chalk2005
522Kashmir – Still Boy2010
523Kashmir – The Push2003
524Katie Melua – Nine Million Bicycles2005
525Katie Pruitt – Grace Has A Gun2020
526Keane – Strange Room2019
527Keane – Sunshine2004
528Keith Caputo – Cobain2000
529Kelly Brouhaha – River2019
530Kelly Hunt – Men of Blue & Grey2020
531Kelsey Lu – Due West 2020
532Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Ride of your life2017
533Kevin Morby – I Have Been to the Mountain2016
534Kevin Morby – Sing a Glad Song2019
535Killers, The – Enterlude2007
536Killers, The – I Can’t Stay2008
537Killers, The – When You Were Young2007
538Kindred – Far Away2003
539King Buffalo – Locusts2021
540Kings Of Convenience – Failure2001
541Kings Of Convenience – Peacetime Resistance2009
542Kings of Leon –  Family Tree2013
543Kings Of Leon – Crawl2008
544Kings Of Leon – Find Me2016
545Kings Of Leon – Manhattan2008
546Kings Of Leon – Pyro2010
547Kings Of Leon – Red Morning Light2003
548Kings Of Leon – Slow Night So Long2004
549Klaxons – Two Receivers2007
550Konstrakta – In Corpore Sano2022
551Kooks, The – Naive2006
552Kooks, The – Seaside2006
553Kooks, The – Stormy Weather2008
554Kovacs – Play Me2018
555Krezip – Thought You Would Be2000
556Kristina Murray – Lovers & Liars2018
557Kruder &  Dorfmeister – Count Basic Gotta Jazz2000
558K’s Choice – Wait(1992-2000)
559KT Tunstall – Difficulty2010
560KT Tunstall – Miniature Disasters2005
561KT Tunstall – Private Eyes2022
562Kurt Vile – Snowflakes Are Dancing2013
563Kyteman –  Une Seule Fois (feat. Reazun)2009
564Lady Lamb The Beekeeper -Bird Balloons2014
565Lais – Le grand vent2009
566Lamb – Gorecki(1992-2000)
567Lamb – I Cry2001
568Lamb – We Fall In Love 2014
569Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails Over The Country Club 2021
570Larkin Poe – Strike Gold2022
571Last Shadow Puppets, The – My Mistakes Were Made For You2008
572Laura Izibor – Shine2009
573Laura Jansen –  Light Hits The Room 2013
574Laura Marling –  I Was An Eagle 2013
575Laura Marling – False Hope2015
576Laura Marling – Held Down2020
577Laura Marling – Strange Girl2020
578Laura Stevenson – Wretch 2021
579Laura Veirs – Burn Too Bright2020
580Laura Veirs – When You Give Your Heart2010
581Lauren Daigle – Rebel Heart & 46 Rescue2019
582Lauren Daigle – Rescue2019
583Leaf – New Song2008
584Led Zeppelin -The Battle Of Evermore1971
585Lee Fields – In the Woods 2014
586Lee Fields & The Expressions – Wake Up2019
587Lenny Kravitz – I’ts Enough2018
588Lenny Kravitz – Rosemary1990
589Leon Bridges – Smooth Sailin’2015
590Lera Lynn – In a Moment2022
591Lera Lynn – Let Me Tell You Something2020
592Leslie Mendelson – Chasing The Thrill2017
593Libby DeCamp – Breadbasket Blues2021
594Lilly Hiatt – All Kinds of People2017
595Lilly Hiatt – Some Kind Of Drug2020
596Lindsey Buckingham – Swan Song2021
597Lisa Hannigan – Lo2016
598Lisa Hannigan – Passenger2012
599Lizz Wright – Afro Blue2003
600Lizz Wright – My Heart2008
601Lizz Wright – Southern Nights2017
602Loma – White Glass2018
603Los Lobos – Bluebird2021
604Los Lobos – Made to Break Your Heart 2015
605Los Lobos – On Main Street2010
606Lou Barlow – Privatize2021
607Lou Rhodes –  All I Need 2016
608Louis Tomlinson – Saturdays2022
609Lucinda Williams – Little Rock Star2009
610Lucius – Monsters2014
611Lucky Fonz III – My Daughter2009
612Luke Winslow King – Born to Roam2018
613Lula Wiles – Oh My God2021
614Lula Wiles – Shaking As It Turns2019
615Lump – Curse of Contemporary2018
616Macy Gray – Harry2001
617Macy Gray – Relating To A Psychopath2001
618Macy Gray – Sexual Revolution2001
619Madison Cunningham – Who Are You Now2022
620Mandolin Orange – Silver Dagger2019
621Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni2021
622Marc Almond – Hollywood Forever 2020
623Marcus King – Rescue Me2022
624Marcus King Band – Remember2018
625Marcus_King – The Well2020
626Mark Eitzel – La Llorona2017
627Mark Lanegan – Pentacostal2013
628Mark Lanegan – The Killing Season 2014
629Mark Lanegan Band – Riot In My House2012
630Mark Olson And Gary Louris – Bloody Hands2009
631Marlon Williams – Can I Call You2018
632Martina Topley Bird – Lying2003
633Mary Chapin Carpenter – American Stooge2020
634Mary Chapin Carpenter – Jericho2018
635Mary J Blige – 2U2001
636Mary J Blige – Dance For Me2001
637Massive Attack – What Your Soul Sings2003
638Matt Berninger – One More Second2020
639Matt Berninger – Silver Springs2020
640Matt Costa – Make That Change2020
641Matt Costa – Wash Away2006
642Matt Simons – After The Landslide2019
643Matt Simons – I Will Follow You Into The Dark2013
644Matthew Sweet – Challenge The Gods2021
645Mavis Staples –  Stronger2019
646Melissa Etheridge – Bring Me Some Water 1989
647Mercury Rev – Tobacco Road2019
648Michael Kiwanuka  – Black Man in a White World2016
649Michael Kiwanuka – Always Waiting2012
650Michael Prins – Fear Not2015
651Michael Prins – Rivertown Fairytales2013
652Midlake – Bethel Woods2022
653Mika – Grace Kelly2007
654Missy Elliot – Back In The Day (featuring Jay-Z)2003
655Mister And Mississippi – Meet me at the Lighthouse2015
656Modest Mouse – Parting Of The Sensory2007
657Mogwai – Ceiling Granny2021
658Money – Hopeless World2016
659Monotales – Violet New Moon2019
660Morcheeba – The Sea2003
661Moss – Apparatos2009
662Motorpsycho – Barleycorn (Let it come let it be) 2013
663Motorpsycho – I.M.S.2016
664Motorpsycho – No Evil2006
665Motorpsycho – Stained Glass2000
666Motorpsycho – The Hunt2021
667Motorpsycho – The Magpie2020
668Mount Eerie – Forest Fire2018
669Mumford & Sons – Holland Road2012
670Mumford And Sons – Roll Away Your Stone2009
671My Morning Jacket – Magic Bullet 2020
672My Morning Jacket – Master Plan2003
673My Morning Jacket – Thin Line2015
674My Vitriol – Infantile2001
675Myles Kennedy – The Ides of March2021
676Nadne Shah – Club Cougar 2020
677Natalie Merchant – If No One Ever Marries Me2010
678Nataniel Ratecliff and the Night Sweats – Be There2018
679Nathalie Merchant – Motherland2009
680Nathaniel Rateliff – Time Stands 2020
681Native Harrow – Round and Round2019
682Native Harrow – Same Every Time2020
683Neal Morse – Road Dog Blues2011
684Neil Finn – Independence Day2018
685Newton Faulkner – Badman2010
686Nicole Atkins – Mind Eraser2020
687Nielson – Vuurwerk2019
688Nikki Lane –  Highway Queen2017
689Noah Gundersen – Atlantis (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)2021
690Noah Gundersen – The Difference  2015
691Noah Gundersen-Wild Horse2019
692Noir Desir – Le Vent Nous Portera2009
693Norah Jones  – Begin Again2019
694Norah Jones – Burn 2016
695Norah Jones – Come Away With Me2002
696Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why2002
697Norah Jones – Flame Twin2020
698Norah Jones – To Live2020
699North Mississippi Allstars – Outside2022
700North Mississippi Allstars – Peaches2019
701North Mississippi Allstars – Snake Drive 2013
702Nothing But Thieves – Sorry2017
703Novastar – Ask For The Moon2004
704Novastar – Making Waves2008
705Novastar -Tides2018
706Old Crow Medecine Show – Child of the Mississippi2018
707Oliver Sim – Saccharine2022
708Olivia Rodrigo – Brutal 2021
709Our Girl – In My Head2018
710Ozark Henry – Indian Summer2004
711Ozark Henry – Where Is the Love2017
712Paolo Nutini – Candy2009
713Paolo Nutini – Looking For Something 2014
714Paolo Nutini – New Shoes2007
715Paolo Nutini – Shine A Light2022
716Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick2009
717Patrick Watson – Broken2020
718Patrick Watson – Drifters2007
719Patrick Watson – Good Morning Mr. Wolf2015
720Patty Griffin – Bluebeard2019
721Paul Weller – Glad Times2021
722Paul Weller – Invisible2008
723Paul Weller – One Way Road2004
724Paul Weller – Saturns Pattern2015
725Pearl Jam – Alive1992
726Pearl Jam – Amongst The Waves2009
727Pearl Jam – I Am Mine2009
728Pete Murray – Remedy2006
729Pete Murray – Silver Cloud2008
730Pete Murray – Sold2017
731Pete Philly & Perquisite – Time Flies2007
732Peter Fox – Haus am See2009
733Peter Gabriel – Diggin In The Dirt(1992-2000)
734Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes1987
735Peter Gabriel – No Way Out2002
736Peter Malick Group Ft Norah Jones – New York City2003
737Peter Weller – Blink And You’ll Miss It2005
738Pharrell Williams – Happy 2013
739Phil Collins – The Roof is Leaking1981
740Phoebe Bridgers – Sleepwalkin’2019
741Phoebe Brigders – Halloween2020
742Placebo – This Picture2009
743Porcupine Tree – Dignity2022
744Portishead – It Could Be Sweat(1992-2000)
745Qeaux Qeaux Joans – Heartache2012
746Quiles & Cloud – Black Sky Lightning2017
747Quiles & Cloud – Shake Me Now2017
748Quinn Sullivan – Buffalo Nickel2017
749Quinn Sullivan – Midnight Highway2017
750Racoon –  Love You More2005
751Racoon – Better Be Kind2011
752Radiohead – Burn The Witch 2016
753Radiohead – Desert Island Disk 2016
754Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place2000
755Radiohead – Knives Out2001
756Radiohead – Optimistic2000
757Radiohead – Paranoid Android1997
758Radiohead – Sail To The Moon2003
759Radiohead – The Tourist(1992-2000)
760Radiohead – Weird Fishes / Arpeggi2007
761Raul Midon – About You2009
762Raul Midon – Blackbird2009
763Raul Midon – Peace on Earth2007
764Ray Lamontagne – Airwaves 2014
765Ray LaMontagne – Hey, No Pressure 2016
766Ray Lamontagne – I Still Care For You2008
767Ray Lamontagne – Misty Morning Rain 2020
768Ray Lamontagne – Summer Clouds2020
769Ray Lamontagne – You Can Bring Me Flowers2006
770Ray Lamontagne And The Pariah Dogs – Repo Man2010
771Razorlight – I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got2006
772Razorlight – Up All Night2004
773Real Estate – The Bend 2014
774Remy Shand – Take A Message2002
775Rhiannon Giddens – Wayfaring Stranger2019
776Rhiannon Giddons – Come Love Come2017
777Rhyan Sinclair – The Wounded Healer2022
778Richard Edwards – Rollin Rollin Rollin2017
779Rival Sons – Gypsy Heart2011
780Rival Sons – Hollow Bones pt.2 2016
781Rival Sons – Keep On Swinging 2013
782Robben Ford – Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me2009
783Robert Ellis – California 2016
784Robert Ellis – Good Intentions 2014
785Robert Ellis – Passive Aggressive2019
786Robert Plant – A Stolen Kiss 2014
787Robert Plant – Even This Shall Pass Away2010
788Robert Plant – The May Queen2017
789Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Polly Come Home2007
790Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – The Price of Love2021
791Robert Vincent – Conundrum2020
792Robert Vincent – Husk of a Soul 2020
793Rodney Crowell – Famous Last Words Of A Fool In Love 2014
794Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Falling Thunder2020
795RosaLi – Pour Over Ice2021
796Rosanne Cash – Rabbit Hole2019
797Rosanne Cash – The Long Way Home2014
798Royal Parks – She 2013
799Rufus Wainwright – Poses2002
800Rufus Wainwright – Unfollow The Rules2020
801Rumer – Deep Summer in the Deep South2020
802Rumer – Healer2011
803Ryan Adams – Breakdown2017
804Ryan Adams – Fuck The Rain2021
805Ryan Adams – Goodbey Hollywood Boulevard2001
806Ryan Adams – Invisible Riverside2011
807Ryan Adams – Kim2014
808Ryan Adams – La Cienage Just Smiled2001
809Ryan Adams – Shake it off2015
810Ryan Adams – This Is It2003
811Ryan Adams featuring Norah Jones – Dear John2010
812Ryley Walker – 22 Days2018
813Ryley Walker – A Choir Apart2016
814Ryley Walker – The High Road2015
815Sabrina Stark – Foolish2008
816Sabrina Starke – Dreamer 2015
817Sabrina Starke – Toss Me A Dream2012
818Saga – Humble Stance1977
819Sam Fender – Aye2021
820Sam Fender – Dead Boys2019
821Sam Outlaw – Bottomless Mimosas2017
822Sam Smith – Burning2017
823Sam Teskey – Don’t Fear2021
824Sam Teskey – Don’t Fear (intro)2021
825Sara Bareilles – Armor2019
826Sara Bareilles – Vegas2008
827Sarah Blasko – Fool 2013
828Sarah Jarosz – Eve2020
829Sarah Jarosz – Johnny2020
830Sarah Jarosz – Lost Dog2016
831Sarah McLachlan – Blackbird2009
832Saybia – At The End Of Blue2007
833Saybia – Flags2004
834Saybia – Still Falling2003
835Sean Rowe – The Drive 2014
836Sean Rowe – The Salmon2017
837Selah Sue – Daddy2015
838Selah Sue – Mommy2011
839Shame – Concrete2018
840Shame – Dust on Trial2018
841Shame – Water in the Well2021
842Shannon Lay – Nowhere2019
843Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Better Things To Do2010
844Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Matter of Time2017
845Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Tell Me2007
846Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Long Time, Wrong Time 2014
847Shawn Mullins – Homeless Joe2008
848She Keeps Bees – Kinship2019
849Shearwater – A long time away2016
850Shearwater – You  As You Were2012
851Shelby Lynne – I’ll  Hold Your Hea2012
852Shelby Lynne – The Equation 2020
853Shins, The – Sea Legs2007
854Shovels & Ropes- Good Old Days2019
855Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open2021
856Siv Jakobsen – Fight or Flight2020
857Siv Jakobsen – Shallow Digger2017
858Skullcrusher – Whatever Fits Together2022
859Slow Show – Brother2015
860Snail Mail – Automate2021
861Snarky Puppy – Molino Molero 2016
862Snow Patrol – Life On Earth2018
863Snow Patrol – Lifeboats2008
864Snow Patrol – Lifening2011
865Snow Patrol – Shut Your Eyes2006
866Snow Patrol – Wild Horses2018
867Snowglobe – Dreamworks2009
868Snowgoose – The Optimist2020
869Sohn – Artifice2014
870Solange – Mad 2016
871Solomon Burk – Fast Train2002
872Someone – Strange World 2021
873Son Volt – Arkey Blue2021
874Son Volt – Broadsides2019
875Son Volt – Lost Souls2017
876Sophia – Obvious2009
877Sophie Hunger – Sliver Lane2018
878Soulsavers – Death Bells2009
879Soulwax – Accidents and Compliments2004
880Spain – Sugarkane2018
881Spoon – Knock Knock Knock 2014
882Squid – Documentary Filmmaker2021
883St Germain – Sure Thing2000
884Starsailor –  You Never Get What You Deserve2009
885Starsailor – Good Souls2001
886Starsailor – Shark Food2003
887Stefan Schill – Any Direction2010
888Stephanie Mckay – Money2008
889Stereophonics – In A Moment 2013
890Stereophonics – Jealousy2003
891Steve Gunn – Ancient Jules 2016
892Steven Wilson – Drive Home 2013
893Steven Wilson – King Ghost2021
894Steven Wilson – Refuge2017
895Steven Wilson – Routine2015
896Steven Wilson – To The Bone2017
897Stevie Ann  – Day Break2007
898Stevie Ann – House Of Cards2013
899Stevie Wonder – Another Star1976
900Strand of Oaks – Same Emotions 2014
901Stromea – La Solassitude2022
902Sturgill Simpson – Breakers Roar 2016
903Styx – Suite Madame Blue1975
904Sun Kil Moon – Among the Leaves 2013
905Supergrass – Can’t Get Up2002
906Supertramp – Child Of Vision1978
907Sven Hammond – Brother Drunk2015
908Tame Impala – One More Year2020
909Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss2010
910Tasha´s World – Black Panther2003
911Taylor Swift – I Bet You Think About Me (feat Chris Stapleton)2021
912Taylor Swift – It’s Nice To Have A Friend2019
913Taylor Swift – Peace2020
914Taylor Swift – Snow On The Beach2022
915Tears For Fears – Everybody Loves A Happy Ending2004
916Tears for Fears – Rivers Of Mercy2022
917Tears for Fears – The Working Hour1986
918Teddy Thompson – Think again2005
919Tedeschi Trucks Band – Circles ‘Round The Sun2022
920Tedeschi Trucks Band – Shame2019
921Teitur – Let The Dog Drive Home2011
922Temples – Mesmerise 2014
923The Americans – I’ll be yours2017
924The Antlers – Volunteer2021
925The Apartments – The House that we once lived in2015
926The Apartments – We talked through till dawn2020
927The Beatles – The Fool on the Hill1967
928The Beths – Head In The Clouds2022
929The Beths – Out of Sight2020
930The Beths -Uptown Girl2018
931The Black Crowes – Another Roadside Tragedy2006
932The Black Crowes – Evergreen2008
933The Black Crowes – No Speak No Slave1993
934The Black Crowes – Soul Singing2010
935The Black Keys  – Every Little Thing2019
936The Black Keys –  It Ain’t Over2022
937The Black Keys – I Got Mine2008
938The Black Keys – She’s Long Gone2010
939The Boxer Rebellion – Don’t Look Back2018
940The Byrds – Mr. Tambourine Man 1965
941The Chicks – March March2020
942The Chills – You’re Immortal2021
943The Civil Wars – Eavesdrop 2013
944The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine2012
945The Cooper Temple Clause – Talking To A Brick Wall2003
946The Counting Crows – Carriage2002
947The Counting Crows – Sundays2008
948The Counting Crows – Time And Time Again1994
949The Counting Crows – Time And Time Again(1992-2000)
950The Dears – Find Your Way To Freedom2006
951The Decemberists – Carolina Low2015
952The Decemberistst – The Island/Come and See/The Landlords Daughter/You’ll Not Feel The Drowning2006
953The Delines – All Along The Ride2022
954The Delines – That Old Haunted Place2019
955The Editors – All Sparks2009
956The Editors – No Harm2015
957The Editors – No Sound But The Wind2018
958The Editors – Push Your Head Towards The Air2007
959The Finn Brothers – Luckiest Man Alive2004
960The Gracious Few  – Honest Man2010
961The Greatest Showman – Come Alive2018
962The Highwomen – Crowded Table2020
963The Hold Steady  – Chips Ahoy!2007
964The Hold Steady – Family Farm2021
965The Hold Steady – You Did Good Kid2020
966The Infamous Stringdusters – Back Home2017
967The Infamous Stringdusters – Black Elk2017
968The Infamous Stringdusters – Down from the Mountain2022
969The Jayhawks – Backwards Women2018
970The Jayhawks – Isabel’s Daughter 2016
971The Jayhawks – Little Victories 2020
972The Jezabels – Come Alive 2016
973The Killers – Dying Breed2020
974The Killers – Fire in Bone2020
975The Lone Bellow – August2020
976The Lone Bellow – Call To War2015
977The Lone Bellow – Good Times2020
978The Lone Bellow – Move2022
979The Lone Bellow – Tree To Grow 2014
980The Lone Bellow – Walk Into A Storm2017
981The Long Winters  – Clouds2006
982The Lost Brothers – After the Fire2020
983The Lumineers  – Salt And The Sea2019
984The Lumineers – Big Shot 2022
985The Mad Trist – Hair Of The Dog2010
986The Magic Numbers – Forever Lost2005
987The Magic Numbers – Hurt So Good2010
988The Magpie Salute – For the Wind2018
989The Mountain Goats – Lizard Suit2021
990The National –  Fireproof 2013
991The National – Quiet Light2019
992The National – The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness2017
993The Paper Kites – Climb On Your Tears (feat. Aoife O’Donovan)2021
994The Police – Synchronicity II1985
995The Raconteurs – Hands2006
996The Raconteurs – Sunday Driver2019
997The Raconteurs – Top yourself2008
998The Shins – September2012
999The Slow Show – Breathe2022
1000The Slow Show – Hard to Hide2019
1001The Smile – Thin Thing2022
1002The Staves – Blood I Bled2015
1003The Staves – Careful, Kid2021
1004The Strokes – Why Are Sunday’s So Depressing2020
1005The Teskey Brothers – That Bird2019
1006The The – The Twilight Hour1984
1007The Thrills  – Don´t Steal Our Sun2003
1008The Thrills – Our Wasted Lives2004
1009The Thrills – Restaurant2007
1010The Tragically Hip – As I Wind Down The Pines(1992-2000)
1011The Tragically Hip – The Bastard2000
1012The Veils – Pan2006
1013The War and Treaty – Healing Tide2018
1014The War On Drugs – I Don’t Live Here Anymore2021
1015The War On Drugs – Pain2017
1016The Weather Station – Robber2021
1017The Weather Station – Sway2022
1018The White Buffalo – Kingdom For A Fool2022
1019The White Buffalo – River Of Love And Loss2020
1020The White Stripes – 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues2007
1021Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang2009
1022Thicke – A Beautiful World2003
1023Thom Yorke – Black Swan2006
1024Thom Yorke – Impossible Knots2019
1025Thom Yorke – The Mother Lode2018
1026Thomas Dybdahl –  Soulsister2013
1027Thomas Dybdahl – Always2007
1028Tift Merrit – Proclamation Bones2017
1029Tim Bowness – Flowers at the Scene2019
1030Tim Christensen – Surfing The Surface2004
1031Tim Christensen And The Damn Crystals – Far Beyond Driven2012
1032Tim Christensen And The Damn Crystals – Never Be One Until We’re Two2012
1033Tim Knol –  Sea of Shame 2014
1034Tim Knol – Blind Lemon2022
1035Tired Pony – Carve Our Names 2013
1036Tired Pony – The Deepest Ocean There Is2010
1037Tirzah – Gladly2018
1038TMGS – Holding The Reins2018
1039Tom Odell – Another Love 2013
1040Tom Odell – Sparrow2016
1041Tom Petty – This Old Town2006
1042Tom Petty – You and I Will Meet Again (2018 Remasterd)2018
1043Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Fault Lines 2014
1044Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – First Flash Of Freedom2010
1045Tori Amos – Fire To Your Plain2009
1046Trampled By Turtles – Quitting Is Rough2022
1047Travis –  New Shoes 2013
1048Travis – Happy To Hang Around2003
1049Travis – Safe2001
1050Travis – Sing2001
1051Travis – Waving at the Window 2020
1052Trijntje Oosterhuis – We Are Gold2012
1053Trixie Whitley – Breathe You In My Dreams 2013
1054Trixie Whitley – May Cannan2019
1055Trixie Whitley –Salt 2015
1056Turin Brakes – 962016
1057Turin Brakes – Dear Dad2013
1058Turin Brakes – Don’t Know Much2018
1059Turin Brakes – Here Comes The Moon2007
1060Turin Brakes – Hope We Make It 2016
1061Turin Brakes – Paper Heart2010
1062Turin Brakes – Red Moon2005
1063Turin Brakes – Smoke and Mirrors2018
1064Turin Brakes – World Like That2022
1065Twenty One Pilots – Neon Gravestones2018
1066Twilight Singers, The – The Killer2003
1067Ty Segall – She2018
1068Ty Segall – The Hand 2014
1069Tyler Childers – Bus Route2019
1070U2 – All Because Of You2004
1071U2 – New York2001
1072U2 – White As Snow2009
1073Ulver – A_Thousand_Cuts2020
1074Underhill Rose – Straight Up2015
1075UNKLE – In A State2003
1076Valerie June – You Can’t Be Told2013
1077Van Orly – Love Can Make You Bleed2003
1078Vanessa Peters – 206_Bones2016
1079Vanessa Peters – Make Up My Mind2021
1080War On Drugs – Red Eyes 2014
1081Watchhouse – Better Way2021
1082Waxahatchee – Fire 2020
1083Waylon – Hey2009
1084Wende – Hey2009
1085Weyes Blood – Children Of The_Empire2022
1086Weyes Blood – Mirror Forever2020
1087White Birch – The Hours2015
1088Wilco – Black Moon2011
1089Wilco – Cruel Country2022
1090Wilco – Cry All Day 2016
1091Wilco – Love Is Everywhere (Beware)2019
1092Wilco – Normal American Kids2016
1093Wilco – Random Name Generator2015
1094Will Johnson – Los Cuervos2020
1095Will Kimbrough – Buddahs Blues2019
1096Wolfmother – Gypsy Caravan2016
1097Wolfmother – The Joker & The Thief2006
1098Woven Hand – Kingdom of ice2008
1099Yebba – October Sky 2021
1100Yola – Faraway Look 2019
1101Yola – Stand For Myself 2021
1102Young Guv – Lo Lo Lonely2022
1103Young The Giant – I Got2011
1104Young The Giant- Anagram 2014
1105Zita Swoon – Selfish Girl2004